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Building a Reddit Bot with Node.js


If you frequent Reddit, odds are you’ve come across “Reddit Bot” users replying to posts and comments, and generally providing some pretty helpful functionality to the site. Many of these bots are built with Python and PRAW, but in this tutorial we’ll be using our good pal Node.js to build our own bot.

The goal for this example bot is to look at an incoming stream of new comments posted on Reddit, and perform some simple logic to determine if we should send a response. If you want to build your own bot, this part is totally up to you, so use your imagination!

Creating a Reddit App

First and foremost, you’ll need to create a Reddit account that the bot will be posting from, so head on over to Reddit to do that. (If you have an existing account, you could use that, but typically developers will create fresh accounts specific to the bot they are making)

After you’ve done that, go to Reddit’s app preferences and create your own application.

Make sure you provide a name and choose script for the type of the application. The redirect uri field is also required, but will not be used for this application, so you can put whatever URL you want.

New App

After creating the app, make a note of the app’s client ID and secret ID, as you will need these later on.

New App

Creating the Node.js app

Grab Node.js and npm here if you don’t have them already installed.

Pull up your favorite text editor and terminal, and get ready to enter the usual commands.

In a new directory, run npm init to create a new package.

Now let’s install the packages we will be using in this tutorial.

First of all, we’ll be using a package called dotenv to load up the sensitive environment variables for the Reddit app.

$ npm i -S dotenv

Next up, we’ll be using Snoowrap as a Node.js wrapper for the Reddit API, and Snoostorm as a way to easily access the stream of Reddit comments through Snoowrap.

$ npm i -S snoowrap snoostorm

Building out the app

Let’s create a couple of new files, starting off with a blank app.js. This will house all of the JavaScript logic for the bot.

Next, let’s make .env, to store those pesky environment variables. The contents of .env should be as follows, replacing the *** with the values for your app:


Back in app.js, let’s start getting the bot ready. First, we need to config the environment variables with dotenv, and then import Snoowrap and Snoostorm



const Snoowrap = require('snoowrap');
const Snoostorm = require('snoostorm');

Great, now let’s configure the Snoowrap and Snoostorm clients, so we can start making calls to the Reddit API.

// Build Snoowrap and Snoostorm clients
const r = new Snoowrap({
    userAgent: 'reddit-bot-example-node',
    clientId: process.env.CLIENT_ID,
    clientSecret: process.env.CLIENT_SECRET,
    username: process.env.REDDIT_USER,
    password: process.env.REDDIT_PASS
const client = new Snoostorm(r);

So far, this is all just boilerplate code to instantiate the Reddit clients, using the environment variables we put in .env. The userAgent value we are passing in to Snoowrap uniquely identifies our client, and you can read more about that here.

Before we start getting Reddit comments, we need to configure some options that we’ll pass into Snoostorm. This will determine the subreddit we will be streaming from, and the number of results per polling cycle. You can find the usage guide for more options here.

// Configure options for stream: subreddit & results per query
const streamOpts = {
    subreddit: 'all',
    results: 25

Finally, let’s use Snoostorm to create a stream of comments, and listen for any new comments that come our way! For now, let’s just log any comments that get posted.

// Create a Snoostorm CommentStream with the specified options
const comments = client.CommentStream(streamOpts);

// On comment, perform whatever logic you want to do
comments.on('comment', (comment) => {

By running the app with node app, we can do a quick test to make sure everything is working. If all is well, your app should be printing out Reddit comments as it receives them.

The fun part in making a Reddit bot is deciding what it is actually going to do, and for the most part, I’ll leave that up to you. For this example, let’s do something really simple. Whenever a comment is posted with the body :(, let’s reply with a comment containing :) to cheer that user up.

To do this, just replace the console.log statement with the following:

if (comment.body === ':(') {

That’s it! Now, the reply method in Snoowrap returns a promise, so you could get fancy and do some error handling in case something goes wrong. Read more about that here

Testing the app

Now it’s time to test! You can do this by temporarily changing the subreddit value in streamOpts to “testingground4bots”, and restarting the app.

Head on over to /r/testingground4bots, and post a comment that says “:(“. Once you refresh the page, you should see a fresh comment reply from the bot.

Don’t forget to change subreddit back to all, or whatever subreddit you want to stream from.

Wrapping up

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Setting up a Reddit bot in Node.js turns out to be fairly trivial, so if you’ve got a neat idea for something you want to build, now you’ve got the know how!

As always, if you have questions, check out the repository I’ve created for this tutorial, or leave a comment.

Thanks for following along!